Lucette Cohen Fins

About the author

Turkey-based fiction writer Lucette Cohen Fins —originally Lüset Kohen Fins— is a freelance travel journalist and a former editor-in-chief of three life-style publications; NYC Food & Mood, IST Beyond Your Expectations, and City PLUS Magazine. Born and bred in Istanbul, Fins has won the HarperCollins Authonomy Award in February 2013 with Ten Deep Footprints, her 516-page debut novel in English.

"Quite aware that I would make a bold, radical move in my life sooner or later, I decided to slow down, and take a new direction in 2011. It’s been a thrilling experience to see how far I can go if I take that extra mile.”

“My first novel, Ten Deep Footprints, is based on human relationships and how people evaluate their own personal realities and illusions. In my opinion, one of the most essential facts to be digested in life, is that no one can ever be a hundred percent sure of anything.”


Lucette Cohen Fins Lucette Cohen Fins 10 Deep Footprints

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