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Internationally famous talk-show host Chloe Franklin is worried about her show's declining ratings, but soon an artful idea inspires her to shift the program’s fate...

Upon the unexpected death of Wen Bao Zhu, a worldwide known self-help guru and the founder of the widely-popular mysticism movement Zhuism, Chloe Franklin takes a risk, and sends an e-mail to four people who had intentionally or unintentionally influenced her success in the past. Based on the importance of 'coincidence', ‘self-confidence’ and 'powerful connections' in life, Ten Deep Footprints is the story of these four people who are invited to Retro-Rate, a late-night talk show, hosted by Chloe Franklin.

The Quest:

Do we occasionally need to be a sycophant to gain social acceptance? How do you define coincidence? What happens when you marry someone who you’ve met only three months ago? How often do powerful connections determine our success? Do we only need to trust the system and let go after a fight, or shall we give in to fate without a fight?


Ten Deep Footprints may appeal to mainstream commercial fiction enthusiasts, as well as those who enjoy multi-layered metropolitan stories with an unexpected twist. Readers may also consider the novel an illuminating resource on self-improvement issues and may find it equally engaging for its easy-to-follow structure, which is a smooth transition between Urban Fiction and Popular Culture genres.

It all starts when Kirk Watts, an audio book narrator and telemarketer on the side, meets a part-Hawaiian, part-Chinese self-help guru by chance at a neighborhood Laundromat in New York City. As the story unfolds, we get a glimpse into the daily lives of other characters, including an ambitious freelance photographer, a mysterious blogger, a Pilates trainer with powerful connections, a novice home interior designer, and a model trying to make a quick career U-turn into the world of TV. The time frame for the novel extends to the year 2020 with subplots fused with some critical life intersections of the mentioned characters in 2013.

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Lucette Cohen Fins Lucette Cohen Fins 10 Deep Footprints

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