Lucette Cohen Fins

Cycles and Structuralism

Some say, over the course of our lives, we go through seven-year cycles. Then someone else comes up and says, no, it’s a five-year cycle. Ah, just heard you say you are almost on the last year of your current nine-year cycle! This, in my opinion, is a mediocre perspective that sucks. Excuse me, but we are uniquely created humans. So why copy patterns from each other? Do we need this? No. Do we need superficial diversity? Yes. Then, case closed. According to my philosophy, cycles are individually programmed time frames and it’s pointless to assume the opposite. Some cycles may draw you and others apart through distance, while other cycles bring you back through reunions. This is perhaps an elastic form of Structuralism blended with bendable Surrealism. Once willing to dig deeper, you’ll soon be ready to embrace a larger comprehension of life, therefore you’ll no longer feel the need to downsize it to arithmetic values. Within each eager step taken forward, illumination will appear at its utmost and the immensity of the system of systems will illumination will be an inevitable stage for eager souls, refraining from sharp statements of such kind will sound a bit of an insult.

An undeniable issue and it’s here to stay

We, humans are suspicious creatures in general, blessed with high emotional intelligence and EQ levels. That said, some of us are needy in terms of fulfilling instinctive emotions and financial security, but at the end of the day, we all fish for compliments either about our looks or attempts of achievement, regardless of gender and age. Speaking of gender, women of all races–except for a few historical exceptions–have been underestimated and ignored for centuries for their imagination, productivity and aesthetic creativity. This has changed forever for the last few decades, and women—in general—strive for maximum appreciation for the social-economical efforts they make as a contribution to their families and society as a result of a natural talent, which is to generate serious amounts of money in the business world through attention to delicately-detailed and realistically executed ideas. Not to mention the God-given ability of women to deliver newcomers to planet earth.