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Claire C Riley One man’s obsession could destroy them all. Despite her love for her fiancé, Oliver, Mia Lawrence finds herself inexplicably drawn to Mr Breckt -the mysterious new owner of The Island. Her thoughts are constantly consumed with the handsome and powerful stranger. However, there is much more to him than she realizes, something [...]

Killer Rumors

Antonello Fiore When asked why I wanted to write this story, my answer was to inform the public that priests will always be under the microscope. Father D’Angelo and Bakeman, two devoted priests were brutally murdered while going on one of their nightly walks. Detective Frank Rinelli is called to the case- not only due [...]

Hotel De Rêves

David Andrew McGlone A place to dream another’s dream can be the place you live out their nightmare. The Hotel de Rêves was a place of faded grandeur and strange delights. A source of false mythology, its reality was stranger than fiction; its clientèle both select and random. Some came to try its strange curiosity [...]

Diana’s Eye


SJ Bell

Psychiatrist and hoodoo sorcerer Jefferson Bane embarks on an existentialist’s journey to protect an innocent and reveal a murderer.