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Teresa Hamilton Choices is a remarkable debut for first time author Teresa Hamilton. With the publishing industry crammed with chick-lit novels, Teresa introduces ‘hen-lit’ as a new genre for thinking women all over the world. Choices is a thought-provoking, heart touching story about the unexpected dilemma facing wife and mother, Lauren Harding. As a forty-something [...]


Raymond Terry Gambling is coming to Paradise Beach Florida. Real estate mogul Derek Clymer is building a new city for the purpose. Soon it becomes apparent that Derek has picked the wrong team for the job. Jake Terrebonne is skimming. Billy Hunt is too honest. An investigative reporter is smelling around and Bert Weems, local [...]

Family Pictures

Deborah Armstrong Molly is terrified of tattoos. Jack’s body is a tapestry of them. Can Molly look past the markings and love the man who bears them? When she was eight years old, Molly MacGuire witnessed the brutal murder of her father by a tattooed man. Hypnosis and psychotherapy have not helped her deal with [...]

Shadowed Dreams and Rippled Water

Laura Bryan After the death of her father, Lucy discovers she is no ordinary girl and her dreams are more then what they seem. Innocent and naive teenager, Lucy Birdsly’s once happy and simple life has taken a turn for the worst, dragging her into an unfathomable world of lies and deceit.

In this dark turmoil, [...]

Woochan – The Thrill of Losing

Goliath Stokes “Why do you gamble Woochan, for the winning?” “Yes, and for the thrill of losing. Without the risk of capture there is no escape.” 30 Old Compton Street is the home of ‘Woochan’s Oriental Arts & Antiquities’. Aside from his gambling habit, Woochan is a respected expert in his field. When police investigate [...]


Frank Talaber A native legend comes back to life, hates our world, and takes away Brook’s new love. What if a powerful native legend came back to life and he didn’t like what he saw?
 What if that legend was the Haida creator god Raven, and he spirited away the girl you were falling in [...]

The Lords of Invention

Trenor Rapkins The Lords of Invention is a tale of success and failure; achievement and envy; love and death. Levi Pickett is a depressed and angry struggling inventor who lives in a deteriorating area of turn the previous century New York city. Frustrated by his many failures he decides that the only way to alleviate [...]

The Devil’s Stepchild

Shirley Grace Kelly This one’s for ‘Thinkers’. Thompsie retreats to a hermit-like existence to escape her demons. She suffers hell with the residue of the past. Thompsie, very disillusioned with society, is a recluse. Abused and neglected as a child and she has faced the death of many loved ones. She chooses to take another [...]

Sharing Smiles & Giggles

Gypsy Mermaid aka Michelle Kaiser Sharing Smiles and Giggles across the many roads of North America, in the Gypsy Caravan, her art-car… everyday is new adventure and the stories -fantastical. The Gypsy Caravan rolled into town today…Like nothing you have ever seen before. It captures the Romance of the Gypsy Traveler, and the incredible rolling [...]

Shadows of Perception

David Paris Singer-Carter A man wakes to find himself dead and alone, with no memory of who he is or how he came to die there. A man wakes to find himself dead and alone in a forest, with no memory of who he is or how he came to die there. As he sets [...]

Rendezvous on the Beach

Harry Cunningham Meet fourteen-year-old Emma Holden. Shipped off to a lone Scottish boarding school and forced into leaving her rebellious friends in London far behind, she is far from looking forward to her first term at Fare Isle. But her antipathy is soon forgotten with the arrival of peculiar new headmistress Mrs Ursula Pearl – [...]

Reluctant in Uniform

Chris Harcourt The timeless and hilarious story of a young recruit’s life and adventures in the British army of the 1960’s post National Service. A reflective, humorous and alternative look at life in and out of uniform in the swinging sixties. Forgotten by those who served and informative for those who did not, the book [...]