Lucette Cohen Fins

About the author

Lucette Cohen Fins is a freelance travel journalist, an entrepreneur since the age of 23, a tradeshow organizer, and a former editor-in-chief of three internationally distributed life-style publications–City Plus Travel, IST Beyond Your Expectations and NYC Food & Mood Magazine. She currently divides her time between New York, Istanbul, and Tel-Aviv.

Her debut novel Ten Deep Footprints is a one hundred percent fictitious story first structured as a screenplay in her head while she was attending movie production classes at DFA (Digital Film Academy) in Istanbul during the summer of 2011. Introducing a diverse range of characters and fusing their lives together in a realistic way, Cohen Fins adapted the story to a 400-page novel format in fifteen months.

In her own words, “I was aware I had to make a bold, radical move in life sooner or later, so two years ago, I decided to slow down, relax and take a new direction. I continue on my path, uninterruptedly observing how other people evaluate and handle their own personal realities and illusions. Have I found out something new? The answer repeatedly comes with a non-marked, triple multiple-choice option: Not Yet; Evidently yes; and Absolutely no. It’s essential to comprehend and digest the fact that no one can ever be sure of anything in this evolutionary game of constant give and take called life.

“Today, I consider myself a keen observer of life-slash-an FTR (Full-Time Researcher) who has just completed a novel to be shared with all contemporary fiction enthusiasts from around the world. Dashing beyond my limits of imagination to experience how far I can go if I take that extra mile presented a thrilling challenge.”