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Cycles and Structuralism

Some say, over the course of our lives, we go through seven-year cycles. Then someone else comes up and says, no, it’s a five-year cycle. Ah, just heard you say you are almost on the last year of your current nine-year cycle! This, in my opinion, is a mediocre perspective that sucks. Excuse me, but [...]

An undeniable issue and it’s here to stay

We, humans are suspicious creatures in general, blessed with high emotional intelligence and EQ levels. That said, some of us are needy in terms of fulfilling instinctive emotions and financial security, but at the end of the day, we all fish for compliments either about our looks or attempts of achievement, regardless of gender and [...]

To be in the mystery or to be in the know?

Remember, when you leave this earth for another journey, you can take with you nothing that you have received, but only what you have given. And the real trick to life is not to be in the know but to be in the mystery, as the unknown holds more potential than the limited options of [...]

Simple precautions to steer clear of bad Karma

It’s relieving to observe that more and more people are afraid of bad Karma nowadays, and to avoid it, they subconsciously develop certain societal manners such as treating other people nicely and with respect. Therefore, it’s easy to spot these Karma-avoiders who carefully use polite manners to hide their egos, and navigate with empathy not [...]

Trying to digest still, I would like to share six useful life lessons that I’ve learned through first-hand experience

1- Do your best not to get severely attached to anything or anyone and always move on to the next phase of your life showing gratitude for all that has happened. Do not feed anger, sorrow or regret, as they can be extremely exhausting burdens to add in your carry-on luggage after a while.  2-When [...]

Do brainwaves matter?

Yes, they do, as they are the markers of what is happening inside our minds. Research has shown that specific brainwave patterns mean that we’re in a particular state of mind. Now, let’s refresh our memories by taking a trip down memory lane and go back to the very first year in high school to [...]