Lucette Cohen Fins

Family Pictures

Deborah Armstrong

Molly is terrified of tattoos. Jack’s body is a tapestry of them. Can Molly look past the markings and love the man who bears them?

When she was eight years old, Molly MacGuire witnessed the brutal murder of her father by a tattooed man. Hypnosis and psychotherapy have not helped her deal with her fear of tattoos. Now at twenty-five, she finds a man who wants to love her and make her feel safe again. 

Jack Thomas, music star, believes in love at first sight. He knows it happens. It happened to his parents. Now he wants it to happen to him. A romantic at heart with a life filled with love and happiness, his story is inked on his body, a tribute to everyone who has touched his life. 

A chance meeting in a coffee shop during a thunderstorm brings Molly and Jack together. Both are instantly smitten. On their first date, Jack serenades Molly at his concert. Everything is going well until he decides to show the audience his tattooed body. Molly is horrified as the ghosts from the past come back to haunt her.

Family Pictures is the story of how one man works desperately to earn the trust and the love of a woman tormented by images from her past.

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