Lucette Cohen Fins

Fresh Meat

Maeve Sleibhin

Paranormal fiction in the tropics -busting out with vampires, demons and succubi. Seems impressive, I’m sure. Until you see the mosquitoes.

Lola -tiny, twenty two, excessively tattooed- moves to live in Puerto Rico with her best friend, Jeremy, after having been thrown out of women’s professional soccer for excessive violence. Her paradisiac idyll is tragically cut short when she discovers that Jeremy appears to have taken up with his boss -Lucia, a supermodel with a medical degree and an annoying penchant for very short skirts, very high heels, and ornate mid-seventeenth century bejeweled crucifixes. Lola moves out and gets a job at Walgreens, only to discover -the hard way- that the reason Lucia likes crucifixes so much is that she’s a slayer, and that they’re all caught in a war between the vampires and something else -something much more dangerous, who appears to have developed a sudden and very hazardous interest in Lola.

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