Lucette Cohen Fins

To be in the mystery or to be in the know?

Remember, when you leave this earth for another journey, you can take with you nothing that you have received, but only what you have given. And the real trick to life is not to be in the know but to be in the mystery, as the unknown holds more potential than the limited options of a crisis plan. According to the quantum physics, everything is probabilistic within the universe, and the occurrence of an event is always ruled by the mere probability of its happening. Since a particle has no definite position, energy, momentum or time in quantum mechanics, the theory seems to work flawlessly. The Heisenberg Uncertainty principle tells us that we can only measure these quantities within certain accuracy and beyond that accuracy they are uncertain. This is not simply a technological issue of measurement but the actual nature of the universe. Though hard to face and accept for some, beyond a certain point, the universe is in a state of mixed probabilities, so down to a limit we cannot look any deeper, and the universe will always remain uncertain.

Simple precautions to steer clear of bad Karma

Simple precautions to steer clear of bad Karma

It’s relieving to observe that more and more people are afraid of bad Karma nowadays, and to avoid it, they subconsciously develop certain societal manners such as treating other people nicely and with respect. Therefore, it’s easy to spot these Karma-avoiders who carefully use polite manners to hide their egos, and navigate with empathy not to break a human’s heart, which is not a bad thing at all. I totally believe that every single effort to steer clear of bad Karma significantly counts when it comes to scraping through our upper-conscious on our individual path to become a better person. God gave us eyes to see the beauty in nature and hearts to see the beauty in each other. With this mindset, you will no longer wish to make a statement such as ‘she is ugly’ or ‘he is cruel’. Since beauty and goodness are relevant terms, not every single one of us is also hundred percent bad, fair, or amoral. There are degrees to everything. Relatively speaking, the meaning of perfection may equally vary and can be deceptive in our limited worldly vision toward substantial perceptions. I guess most of you are probably aware by now, that the reality of matters is hidden under the duality of life, itself.

Trying to digest still, I would like to share six useful life lessons that I’ve learned through first-hand experience

1- Do your best not to get severely attached to anything or anyone and always move on to the next phase of your life showing gratitude for all that has happened. Do not feed anger, sorrow or regret, as they can be extremely exhausting burdens to add in your carry-on luggage after a while.

 2-When you raise your consciousness you will be able to create a better reality for your future because reality is one with consciousness. The advancement of just one individual in society causes a series of improvements, a chain reaction of varying degrees for all others. The path to healthy communication with people is in sincerity and fervor, rather than cold intellectual reasoning.

3-Wise and open minded, once can easily learn new things from everyone in all walks of life. Teachers and tutors may be well equipped with professional knowledge, but they learn the best of things from their students, no exception. This is the real wisdom, to accept the fact that you can always learn from those that are less fortunate or less sufficient than you. You may be surprised with what you may find.

4-Everything you desire can come to you and you don’t need to demand confirmation from others when it comes to ultimate decisions. This information helped me a lot to move on recently. Now I know that when I make a critical choice, the need for confirmation or approval of others will render me powerless every single time.

5-Start any given day by promising yourself that you will be unsinkable. Do whatever it takes to overcome any kind of adversity and come out on top each time life sends a new challenge to deal with. Make up your mind to become an aggressor and take full control of your life with no fear. As William F. Scholavino once said it: The height of our accomplishments will equal the depth of our convictions.

6-Meditation is all about learning to control the mind. It’s about being in a space, accessing deeper states of thinking…on-demand. It’s also about being able to maintain an inner-calm, even in the most stressful situations or under pressure. For some people, it can be a form of relaxation. For others, it’s part of a personal journey.

Do brainwaves matter?

Yes, they do, as they are the markers of what is happening inside our minds. Research has shown that specific brainwave patterns mean that we’re in a particular state of mind. Now, let’s refresh our memories by taking a trip down memory lane and go back to the very first year in high school to focus on a simple fact that had been taught to us when we were young and inexperienced. Our brains are made of billions of cells, called neurons. And these neurons communicate with each other through tiny electrical signals, called brainwaves. They’re just like us–human beings–interacting with themselves and with other people constantly, everyday. So, each human brain is designed and equipped with the same systems as a computer, call it a typical PC, Mac, iPad or any other form. Ooops, actually, it’s vice versa, computers are designed and produced by copying the same patterns and facilities of the human brain.

On another aspect, without the existence of a mind, it is impossible to internalize the emotions of the heart. The mind is a sheer catalyst for the soul to manifest things on this planet, and it’s secured in an elastic rubber seal called flesh…called the body. Just like a computer connected to the Internet, millions of neurons in our brains are sending electrical signals. (Continued)