Lucette Cohen Fins
Ten deep footprints

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Turkey-based fiction writer Lucette Cohen Fins —originally Lüset Kohen Fins— is a freelance travel journalist and a former editor-in-chief of three life-style publications; NYC Food & Mood, IST Beyond Your Expectations, and City PLUS Magazine. Born and bred in Istanbul, Fins has won the HarperCollins Authonomy Award in February 2013 with Ten Deep Footprints, her 516-page debut novel in English.

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"I coincidentally found out that Wen calculates all individual natal charts according to the IP number of the person's computer," Kirk explained, studying her features. "I'm aware it sounds odd, but she assumes that this innovative perception will soon replace today's traditional astrological readings."
"Try to envision life as a journey that initiates with a round-trip ticket, given conditionally. Passengers are welcomed aboard on individual flights, and none will be informed either on the date of return or port of departure. This is a fundamental, and a strictly non-refundable deal we signed in advance with the Universe."
"Life, in total, is not hit or miss. You can create a new one over and over again. A fresh batch of bold decisions and timely choices can shape one's entire future. But always bear in mind that some cycles may draw you and others apart through distance, while other cycles may bring you back through unions."
Heather had figured out lately that most rich men in their late forties found it more fun and safer to date women in their early thirties who had been married at least once. Now, she had to come up with a wise strategy and a concise plan to find her real deal, whilst eliminating all risks of being called a gold digger.
For the last few weeks, Dan had been frustrating his fans and followers by turning on his camera instead of typing. He was probably enjoying the benefits of becoming a highly acclaimed blogger slash vlogger, therefore posting embedded videos on his home page twice a day. "Is he getting lazy to write nowadays or what?"
"My investor currently pushes me to market my recently launched pillow collection outside the U.S.," Doris complained. "He believes that most people prefer to buy from American designers in other parts of the world. Apparently, I need to contact wholesalers in Dubai, Istanbul and Tel Aviv now for the coming season."
"According to a philosophy developed by one of our tutors, a pair of shoes is sent to Earth for every individual. But, as far as evidence counts, only some of us can manage to find the correct pair to fit in. If one picks the wrong pair to walk with throughout a lifespan, the process eventually becomes disturbing and difficult."
"It requires a pinch of curiosity, a tablespoon of awareness and a full water glass of never-ending research to comprehend that we are not programmed to be losers or victims in this illusion called life. " Wen's tone was emollient. "Believe me, you'll have more fun here if you choose to become a brainiac."