Lucette Cohen Fins

Meet the characters of Ten Deep Footprints


(31 years old)
He is an audio book narrator and a persistent part-time telemarketer placing cold calls to numerous homes and offices for extra amounts of income. Deeply obsessed with the potential negative probabilities of his yet-unveiled future, and constantly worried about the brutal obstacles that life may lay on his path, he is a blurry-minded--yet hard-working--person who believes that saving two-thirds of his earnings will protect him from all the financial pitfalls waiting ahead until his retirement. He chooses to lead a low-profile life and copes with uncontrollable misery, self-sabotage and paranoia, resulting in unavoidable moments of embarrassment and post-traumatic situations in his private life.


(34 years old)
A born-this-way opportunist and a free-spirited adventuress, she is an ambitious personality. Lacking decisiveness over a career switch between staying a freelance photographer and becoming an actress, she slowly figures out which direction works better in her favor in terms of achieving her subconsciously-emerged real goal, which is to meet a wealthy man to settle down with. A self-restrained hedonist and an occasional daydreamer haunted by self-pity issues at times, she is an ebullient spender, trying to secure social recognition and fame. She also has keen expectations of the future and is ready to do whatever it takes when it comes to extravagant luxury and comfort.


(28 years old)
He is a perfectly connected Pilates trainer to the wealthy, famous, and powerful. Although he doesn't possess the required financial assets to be included as a member of the elite group with which he's reciprocally interacting, he benefits from the privileges of a sophisticated life with the support provided by the untouchable figures of this minority class. His calculated and well-executed strategies not only render him a provider of opportunities for his own, but also put him on the map as a consistent source of trouble-shooting for his peers, who seek favors and influential connections. He is a charismatic fire-starter of A-list gatherings with a heavenly posture and a winning attitude.


(24 years old)
An aspiring novice model and a go-getter with a determined mindset, she is a vigorous personality, trying to make a career U-turn into the world of TV with a naïve attitude driven by intuition. Though quite aware that it takes a witty set of communication skills, as well as discipline, luck and well-established connections to climb up that ladder, she struggles with severe emotional pain caused by her mother's suicide and shattering insecurity upon breaking up with the man she'd been in love with for the past two years. After handling some self-denial issues, she moves on, but alcohol addiction and an affection for soft and heavy drugs may jeopardize her future goals.


(68 years old)
Part-Chinese and part-Hawaiian, she is a former mathematician, numerologist, ancient symbols activator, founder of Zhuism, and self-help guru, working on her new research book based on the modified patterns of human behavior in modern times. She aims to spread her self-improved theories and assumptions on the shifting equilibrium of communication, but she changes her mind and writes a fiction novel based on a man’s life she randomly met at a Laundromat in Manhattan. All she needs to do is wrap up her research and adapt it into a novel based on a true story.